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The City of Witt is so invested in the success for the future of your community that they have decided to become part of the EJ Water Co-Op.

For the past few years, EJ Water has been handling your billing and operator needs for water and wastewater services. As we have worked together we have realized the need for a larger, more strategic engagement to address the city's water and wastewater operations as a whole. While growing our partnership we have also been working on obtaining grants and funding to run a water main to EJ's system.

What does this mean for you? Nothing changes in our day-to-day relationship. You are currently receiving billing and leaning on customer service from EJ Water, this will remain the same. However, soon you will also enjoy quality, softened water at your faucet.

Fixed Rates

EJ Water Cooperative is dedicated to creating long-term sustainable rates for your community while providing the best quality drinking water to residents.

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Infrastructure Investment

EJ has a two phase 10 year action plan and is proud to be investing in water & wastewater infrastructure updates that will improve the water and wastewater in the Witt community.

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Member Benefits

EJ Water is thrilled to continue to provide you with excellent 24/7 customer service, online bill pay, ACH payments, text reminders of your bill and many more benefits.

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EJ Water Cooperative

Exclusive Member Benefits

Now that you are an EJ member, there are many new benefits available to you!

What does this mean for the City of Witt? A full partnership with EJ means the city will have consolidated debt, a stable billing rate structure, a 10-year action plan to repair/replace your water and wastewater system, unlimited access to a team of 20+ trained operators, and the peace of mind that you will have clean, safe drinking water for years to come.

EJ is thrilled to continue to provide you with excellent 24/7 customer service! Don't forget to check out our how to videos and messages from the CEO in the member learning center on our website.

  • Sustainable, Long- Term Water Rates
  • EJ's Quality, Softened Water
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Air EVAC
  • ACH Payment Options
  • Text Notificaitons
  • Membership in the Largest Regional Water Cooperative in Illinois.
  • One Bill: Water & Wastewater

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EJ Water Cooperative

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