Cost-Share Membership

Cost-Share Membership

Who Is This For?

For those who would like EJ Water immediately in an area where we don’t already have a water main, and agree to share the cost of a water main to be installed.

Not sure if we have a water main near you? Contact Us.


How It Works

Pay Your Deposit

Pay $200 non-refundable deposit to determine the cost of the extension.

EJ Measures Distance

EJ measures the distance between our water main and your location to determine cost.

EJ Mail's Your User Contract

You will be sent a Residential User’s Contract from our Easement Department and a request to pay half of your portion of the extension cost.

EPA Permits Are Requested

An EPA construction permit will be requested. While pending, right of way easements will be prepared and mailed to the member sharing the cost of the extension

Submit EPA Permits

Send in notarized easements, paperwork, and final half of your extension cost. Construction begins once EPA operating permit is approved.

Meter is Installed

Meter is installed where you mark it and water service is made available. Congrats you are now an EJ member!


You can focus on spending quality time with your family while your EJ water experts ensure your family has only the best water every day.
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Cost Share Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cost share extension?

This is an option we provide to those that do not want to wait for water service, which can be a time consuming process. These members agree to pay a portion of the cost of constructing a water main to their property. Cost share projects can be shared with neighbors that are along the same road that lacks a water main. Along with the neighbors that agree to share the cost, the co-op will also help pay for the extension with 25% of the cost.

What kind of costs are associated with a cost share extension?

A membership fee for each meter added on the extension, applicable road bore costs, as well as engineering and easement fees.

What are the payment terms of a cost share extension?

To determine the total cost, the interested party/member pays a $200 non refundable deposit. Once the length is determined an exact cost will be provided so the party/member can decide if they want to continue with the project. The payment is used for materials and necessary construction permits. It is broken into two payments. The first is sent in with the Residential Users Contract. The co-op will also help pay for the extension with 25% of the cost.