Conservation Tips

Easy Water Conservation Tips

We all know why water conservation is important, but we often forget to take action.

Here are some easy water conservation tips you can follow to save water and money.

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Water Conservation Ideas

There are so many more ways to conserve water, but employing the basics is a great way to get started. Do you use a clever way to conserve water? Let us know on our social media

Easy outdoor water conservation

  • Repair leaking hose connectors and spigots.
  • Use water from your dehumidifier to water plants.
  • Use mulch around large plants to collect moisture so you can water them less.
  • Water your lawn in the morning or late evening.

Easy indoor conservation tips

  • Update your appliances - If you are in the process of updating appliances, water smart appliances save money in the long run by using less water
  • There are water smart options for all appliances big or small, from washing machines to shower heads
  • Turn off the tap while brushing teeth or shaving
  • Do full loads of laundry and dishes
  • Don’t flush trash down the toilet, especially wet wipes which can damage pipes

Checking For Leaks

The most important conservation tip is to check for leaks

  • The common dripping leak can waste up to 15 gallons of water a day, the same amount of water used in the average shower.
  • Repair even the smallest leaks to avoid wasting money and water
  • Know your average water bill so you are able to spot if there is a spike in your water usage, which could be a clue of a water leak

How to know if you have a leak

If you have a beacon water meter
  • You can create an account here
  • See your water usage - You will need your account number and zip code.
  • Setup your leak alerts - We recommend setting alerts for a continuous flow of 5 gallons of water or more
If you do NOT have a beacon water meter
  • Locate your water meter. It is usually located near the street in front of your home.
  • Read the meter twice – first at night after the day’s water use has ended, and again in the morning before any water is used.
  • Subtract the first number from the second reading to tell how much water (if any) leaked out overnight.
  • If you suspect a leak, your pipes and connections should be checked and repaired quickly.
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Check Your Toilet First

If you suspect a leak, but can’t find it, our licensed plumber recommends checking the toilet first as it is often the main culprit.

A leaking toilet automatically refills with water, never running dry, and can waste 6,000 gallons of water each month.

How to check your toilet

  • Add blue food coloring to the tank, we also provide special blue tablets in our office for this purpose
  • Don’t flush the toilet for 15-20 minutes
  • If after 15-20 minutes there is blue coloring in the bowl of the toilet you have a leak