Water Quality Report

Water Quality Reports

The following are the water quality reports for each water system EJ Water manages. These reports provide information on the source of your water. There is a lot of information in these reports so here is what to especially look for.

  • Find the charts of regulated contaminants
  • Compare the range of levels detected, which are the levels of contaminants in your water source, to the MCLG (maximum contaminant level), which are the levels that are mandated by the EPA
  • It is normal for there to be a small amount of contaminants in any water source, and if the range of levels detected is under the MCL then there are no known health risks
  • There is another space to see if the water has had any violations against the EPA’s regulated contaminant level
  • Be sure to also check out the far box “Likely source of contamination”, which is a short explanation of where the contaminant comes from
File Name
EJ Water - DS1 Delbert - 2019 CCR.pdf Download
EJ Water - DS2 St Francisville - 2019 CCR.pdf Download
EJ Water - DS3 Hardinville - 2019 CCR.pdf Download
EJ Water - DS4 Moultrie - 2019 CCR.pdf Download
EJ Water - DS5 Gila- 2019 CCR.pdf Download
Heartville - 2019 CCR.pdf Download
Montgomery County - 2019 CCR.pdf Download
Round Prairie - 2019 CCR.pdf Download
SangChris - 2019 CCR.pdf Download
Tower Hill - 2019 CCR.pdf Download
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