Rates and Billing FAQs

Rates, Regulations, and Bills

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don’t pay my bill on time?

If your bill is not paid by the due date, a 10% penalty goes on your account. We will then do an automated phone call to notify you of the penalty received on your account.

If the bill isn’t paid for a 2nd month continuously, the 10% penalty is applied again and automated call is generated. In addition to that, we will send you a lock off letter giving you 10 days to pay.

If your bill is not paid by the end of the 10 days, one of our Customer Service representatives will call you personally for payment. If it is still not paid at the time they call, we will do a work order to lock the meter for nonpayment and water service will be stopped until balance on the account is paid in full.

How much does it cost to turn my water back on after a lock off?

The water bill, and penalty must be paid before the water can be turned back on. There is also a fee of $100.00 that is charged to the account to cover the cost of restoring the service. If the bill goes unpaid long enough for the membership to be canceled the water bill, penalty, $100.00 fee as well as the cost of a membership to be reinstated is charged.

How can I pay my water bill?

There are many ways to pay your water bill. Our most convenient way to pay is through automatic withdrawal from your checking account (ACH). You never have to worry about being late on a payment. Sign up for ACH today!

Additionally, we do offer online bill pay. You may also send a check or cash through the mail or you can call into our office and pay with a credit card. We do not allow payment by check over the phone. You are welcome to come into our office and pay your bill in any way. We also have a drop box on the South side of our building for when we are out of the office.

What if I have a large leak?

In the case of a large, abnormal leak that results in a very expensive bill the member may request a one time water leak adjustment. The adjustment is calculated at the rate of the customer’s average bill plus the wholesale cost of each 1,000 gallon over the average bill.

Will there be any increases to my bill?

EJ members can annually expect a small increase on their water bill. These rate increases are based on the Consumer Pricing Index from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which help us cover the cost of materials to treat water when the prices of those materials go up annually.

How much is the minimum monthly payment and how much water do we receive for this minimum amount?

In order to allocate charges equally, EJ has structured their minimums by service area requiring each area to support its own debt. Most members receive 750 gallons of water with the minimum charge. The SangChris Service Area has fewer meters installed requiring the minimum to be set without including any water with the minimum payment charge. Please call the office for your specific minimum charge and gallons included. 

How much will I pay after the minimum?

Usage over the amount of gallons received with the minimum is charged per 1,000 gallons. On average a person uses 50 gallons per day, or 1,500 gallons per month. Please contact our office to find out what current rates are.