Additional Information

Additional Info

If you are considering signing up for our life changing service we want you to know everything about it

Our Rules and Regulations

Everything you need to know about being an EJ Water member, as written by our board of directors

EJ Water Rules, Rate and Regulations

Monthly Minimum

As a member you will begin to pay the rate of water at the time which is a monthly minimum plus the cost of water by the gallon. This goes into effect once the meter is installed and water service is made available, even if no water is used. You will be sent you first bill 30-45 days after water service is made available.

We require the installation of an expansion tank, Why?

  • We have a closed system with check valves
  • This means water can’t go back into our system once it heats up
  • When a water heater heats the water it expands
  • This results in a rapid increase in pressure called thermal expansion
  • This rapid increase in pressure causes leaks
  • The expansion tanks absorbs extra expansion and controls the water pressure
  • Without an expansion tank leaks will be persistent in your building

Learn More about why we require expansion tanks.

Expansion Tanks Can be purchase at Home Depot

You choose where your meter goes

We require the meter to be 5 to 10 feet off the right of way of the road ditch. You will be provided with a flag to mark your preferred meter location.

Water line to your home

With a licensed plumber on staff we offer the installation of the water line to your home, but you may choose who you like to do this work.