Tap-On Membership

Tap-On Membership

Who Is This For?

For those that would like EJ Water, are along a water main, and own the property to the road.


How It Works

Complete User Contract

Fill out Residential User’s Contract and pay the tap on fee

Meter Installed

Meter is installed where you mark it and water service is made available. Congrats you are now an EJ member!


You can focus on spending quality time with your family while your EJ water experts ensure your family has only the best water every day.
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Tap On Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the membership if I decide to sign up after the line is installed

Under current policy, if a membership is purchased after the line is constructed, the cost is $2,500.00. Additional penalty costs may be assessed if water service is requested for property where an easement has been refused. Prices are subject to change.

Where will my meter be placed

The meter needs to be located where it can be easily read by our Orion Reading System. (a radio read computer that reads from a vehicle on the road). The meter should be readily accessible by our servicemen and vehicles, preferably within 10 to 20 feet of the driveway. The meter, in most cases, may be placed anywhere on the property adjacent to the water main or adjacent to the property line.