City of Coffeen:Wholesale Partnership Testimonial

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The City has a coal mine underneath the highway and many areas were dropping as much as 7 feet. Due to the concern of a line break, they initially pursued an emergency interconnect with Montgomery County. Since EJ was already partnering with Montgomery County, Coffeen reached out to us directly to set up an emergency water interconnect. Now, the partnership has grown and we are now in the process of getting all the easements in order for EJ to be the City of Coffeen's sole water supply.

This partnership is a product of EJ’s mission, “Improving the Quality of Life, the Cooperative Way” by helping our rural communities grow through long-term sustainability. We are proud to be a not-for-profit that not only helps our neighboring communities, but also simultaneously increases the long-term sustainability of the Co-Op and affordable water rates for our members.

These new community partnerships allow increasing costs to be spread across more members and ultimately ensure long-term affordable rates due to economies of scale. Furthermore, partnering with communities will help increase EJ’s overall revenue which positively impacts the bottom line and long-term sustainability for the Co-Op. As a not-for-profit, we pride ourselves in offering our members the lowest water rates possible by utilizing grants and economies of scale prov