Montgomery County Members: Chloramination Process Starting August 26th

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Montgomery County Members: Chloramination Process Starting August 26th

As we discussed during the transition to EJ Water, our goal is to improve water quality in your area, and we are continuously working on these improvements. Therefore, EJ will be making a change to its water disinfection process in your area. We will be starting August 26, 2021, and the process will last about 7 weeks for Montgomery County members. While your water has been meeting the required EPA standards, a free chlorine burnout process will help with long term water quality improvement, decrease customer complaints due to taste, odor, and discolored water, and decrease corrosion potential to pipes and fittings.

A free chlorine burnout is a water system maintenance program recommended by the State to clean and remove sediments and residual matter from water systems that use the chlorine/ammonia disinfection process. Your water is safe to drink during this process. During this maintenance program we will switch to a “free chlorine” disinfection process. Use of the “free chlorine” process will continue until the flushing and conversion process is complete and the conversion process will be monitored until satisfactory results are achieved.

During this process, the water system will be flushed to remove sediments and other material that has accumulated in pipes. Members may notice some discoloration or cloudiness in the water and a slight chlorine odor or taste. Odor and color issues will be nuisance only, which will subside as the flushing is completed. Pressure fluctuations and small air pockets may also occur. However, please note that your water is safe to drink. You can boil your water, or let it sit out to avoid the possible chlorine smell/taste.

Special considerations must be taken for those customers that receive dialysis or have live fish. Members who use tap water for kidney dialysis at home or in facilities should consult their doctor and ask if any changes are necessary in their residual disinfectant neutralization procedures. Individual or entities that have live fresh or saltwater fish, which may include schools, restaurants, fish keepers, and fish markets and are utilizing the water for aquariums should monitor both free and combine chlorine residuals.

Additionally, during this seven-week period, our team will be flushing the system. Therefore, you may notice low pressure at times but should not experience any loss of water. If you have any questions, you can chat with us on our website at or contact us at 217-925-5566.


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