Winners: One Year of Free Water!

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Winners: One Year of Free Water!
THANK YOU to everyone that joined us for yesterday for our first virtual annual meeting! We hope you enjoyed the meeting and greatly appreciate the 280+ users that were able to join us on Zoom yesterday. If you missed it, a replay will be available for you next week!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS OF THE ONE YEAR OF FREE WATER!! Each of the winners will be contacted today for more details.

Proxy Winners
- Glenn Clapp
- Ronald Stoldt
- Luann Antrim
Virtual Attendee Winners
- Adam West
- Darrel Bumgardner
- David Hinterscher
- Donald Zuber
- Lisa Tegeler
- Megan Walk
- Mike Pfeiffer
- Susan Diane Jones
- Tiffany Will
- David Julius

Thank you again for your participation and we can't wait to see what next year's annual meeting will bring!
3/11/2021 6:30:00 PM - HERE