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Delbert Mundt Water Treatment Plant: 10 Year Anniversary

Today marks 10 years since our Delbert Mundt Water Treatment Plant was completed! 🎉 When it was built we didn't expect the incredible growth that EJ has experienced the last 10 years. Not only has the amount of served members increased, but we've also utilized the infrastructure we already have to help neighboring communities save on large costs through wholesaling award-winning water to them. Since 2010, the Delbert Mundt Water Treatment Plant has: 💧 Won the Illinois Best Tasting Water Award twice, as well as many local awards. 💧 In 2010, daily distribution was around 500,000 gal/day. 💧 Today, it has distributed a total of 3.83 BILLION gallons. 💧 Distributed, on average, around 1.6 million gallons/day. 💧 Record distribution 2.2 million gallons in a 24 hour period. 💧 Wholesales water to 11 communities. 💧 Serves 5,867 EJ Water members. 💧 It's required 35 million gallons just to backwash the filters for the last 10 years. Stay tuned today for a celebratory giveaway! 🎉