Gila Water Treatment Plant

The Gila Water Treatment Plant is no ordinary big red barn.

Within is a twin of the Delbert Mundt Water Treatment Plant equipped with advanced machinery and technology. It sources water from wells by the Embarrass River, and serves water to the East side of our system.

  • Plant Metrics
  • 1.50Production Capacity (million gallon)

  • 0.763Average Production (million gallon)

  • 1.427Record High Production (million gallon)

  • 5/31/2018Record Date

  • 2015Year Built

  • Embarras River BasinWater Source

  • 75Treatment time (minutes)

  • 12140Population Served

  • 90-120Total Harness Range (mg/l)

  • 5.3 - 7Total Hardness Range (grains per gallon)

  • 105Total Hardness Average (mg/l)

  • 6.10Total Hardness Average (grains per gallon)

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