Member Update: COVID-19 Impact on Co-Op

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We hope you and your family well as you've courageously faced unprecedented challenges this year. The impacts of COVID-19 in our community are innumerable, and it's even more evident as businesses begin to navigate re-opening under a new "normal". 

As your Co-Op, we want to continue being fully transparent with you. Now more than ever, we want you to be informed of how we're navigating the waves of challenges brought on by COVID-19 and all the efforts we are making towards maintaining your lowest water rate possible. 

This latest video includes an update for you from our CEO, Bill Teichmiller, on how the Co-Op has been impacted during COVID-19 and other updates like:

  • How the Co-Op took action during COVID-19
  • Howhas the Co-Op been impacted?
  • What happens ifI can’tpaymy bill?
  • Preventing large water bill increases during all-time low water usage.
  • Plans to re-open safely.
  • Paying It Forward: Members caring for other members!

Remember - we're in this together. 


EJ Water Cooperative Board & Team