Tips to Watering Your Garden

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Tips to Watering Your Garden

You've put the hard work to start your garden. Now, HOW you water it will be crucial to helping it thrive! Below are some tips to success when it comes to watering your garden

  1. Focus on the root zone. Remember that it's the roots that need access to water, not the leaves. Wetting the foliage is a waste of water and can promote the spread of disease.
  2. Water deeply and thoroughly. Lawns and annuals concentrate their roots in the top 6" of soil; for perennials, shrubs and trees, it's the top 12". In heavy soil, it may take hours for water to percolate down 6-12". Use your finger or a shovel to check the progress.
  3. Water in the morning. If you do get moisture on the leaves, this gives them time to dry out. It's much more difficult for plant diseases to get a foothold when the foliage is dry.
  4. Mulch everything. Mulch reduces surface runoff and slows evaporation from the soil.
  5. Use the right tool. For efficient watering at the root zone, use a soaker hose or an even more precise drip irrigation system instead of a sprinkler.