We will miss you, Delbert.

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We will miss you, Delbert.

Our company is heartbroken to share that our founder, Delbert Mundt, passed away yesterday at 91 years old. This world will never be the same - all because one person decided to make a difference in their community.

He was a forward-thinker with a visionary mind that saw possibilities even when things felt impossible. EJ was born 31 years ago out of his leadership at Norris Electric Cooperative as Board President. He decided that the same cooperative, member-owned model could be followed in the water industry in order to provide rural residents access to clean water - a resource they so desperately needed.

What started as a project to provide an essential resource to our local community has led to a nation-wide impact.

EJ couldn’t have asked for a more driven, mission-minded, community-focused, and compassionate leader. Delbert gave EJ Water strong, deep roots upon which we’ve been able to grow to where we are today. Every accomplishment EJ has had, it’s been because of the values Delbert instilled in us to think outside the box, collaborate, and keep the mission of growing our communities “the cooperative way”.

Without Delbert & our founding members, we wouldn’t be serving more than 13,500 members and directly impacting families, schools, farmers, manufacturing, local businesses, and so much more.

Water is life. Water is community growth.

Until his last year of life, he was actively serving in the community and looking for new growth opportunities. Our team is honored to call him our founder and we will proudly continue to carry his legacy and values in everything we do.

Today, we mourn losing him, but we also celebrate his wonderful life and the impact he made in each of our lives and our communities.

To our original and favorite #WaterWarrior, thank you. May you rest in peace after a life so well lived.

- EJ Water Board & Team