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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the membership if I decide to sign up after the line is installed

Under current policy, if a membership is purchased after the line is constructed, the cost is $2,000.00. Additional penalty costs may be assessed if water service is requested for property where an easement has been refused. Prices are subject to change.

Who is a seniority unserved member

These are members under the number 4,000 that signed up prior to September of 1995. We work to serve these members with priority when we receive grants. This is often time consuming so we provide a Cost Share Extension Membership option for members to get water service sooner.

What are the costs associated with reinstating a membership

The new owner would pay a $25 transfer fee to transfer the membership into their name, a $100 reconnect fee, as well as the monthly minimums and overdue payments missed since service was canceled. This amount will never go over $2000.

What is a cost share extension

This is an option we provide to those that do not want to wait for water service, which can be a time consuming process. These members agree to pay a portion of the cost of constructing a water main to their property. Cost share projects can be shared with neighbors that are along the same road that lacks a water main. Along with the neighbors that agree to share the cost, the co-op will also help pay for the extension with 25% of the cost.

What if I want to reinstate my membership after cancellation

You or future owners may reinstate the membership, but there is a fee associated with reinstating a membership. Also, if there are late fees on the canceled account it is the responsibility of the member who wishes to reinstate the service to pay this. This cost will never go above $2,000

If the owner before cancelled the membership why do I, the new owner, have to pay for reinstatement

The cooperative relies on the minimum payments members pay each month to pay back the debt of constructing the water mains. By canceling the membership the previous owner forfeited their water service as well as the responsibility of paying their monthly minimum.

What kind of costs are associated with a cost share extension

A membership fee for each meter added on the extension, applicable road bore costs, as well as engineering and easement fees.

What are the payment terms of a cost share extension

To determine the total cost, the interested party/member pays a $200 non refundable deposit. Once the length is determined an exact cost will be provided so the party/member can decide if they want to continue with the project. The payment is used for materials and necessary construction permits. It is broken into two payments. The first is sent in with the Residential Users Contract. If the party/member does want to move forward, the co-op will help pay for the extension by covering 25% of the cost.

How much is a membership if I decide to sign up before the line is installed

Under current policy, if membership is purchased prior to the water main being constructed, the cost is $1,000.00 ($150.00 sign up fee and $850.00 when the phase is approved). Prices are subject to change.

What if I want to cancel my membership

We do not do a final read of the meter up to the day of service (unless it’s a beacon). Other bills are prorated.