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EJ Water Trust Guiding Principles

Better service, low rates in every community we get involved with.

Smart water policy - doing what's best for now and for our next generations.

Equitable water policy - doing what's right to meet the water needs and challenges of all people - no "winners and losers" within a region.

Lower cost of capital and tax advantage on capital financing and on all expenditures.

Keeping rigorous local accountability to ratepayers without being subject to election cycle politics.

Achieving economies of scale and operational efficiency - "best in the industry" standards.

Making systems as "smart" as possible using third party technologies and investing in development of new technologies to advance system efficiency and effectiveness.

Squeezing the maximum impact out of every dollar of capital expenditure.

Keeping all excess cash flow in the system, but compensating talent well and attracting top level talent.

Allowing communities to deal with integrated water resource management without relying heavily on federal or state funding.

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Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Solve the U.S. smaller system water infrastructure crisis through a national 501c3 nonprofit.

Organize and educate local ratepayers to demand solutions with accountability, transparency, innovation and efficiency.

Do whatever is needed to implement the demanded solutions and to maximize the impact of every dollar of capital expenditure

Our Prototype

EJ Water Logo

EJ Water is the prototype we will be using make a difference in rural communites water supply.

Community Relationships
Customer Service
GIS Mapping


Together, we can achieve more.

Share full time employees when needed to maximize resources.

Have access to cutting-edge technology without the price tag for one utility.

Give your community the excellent customer service they deserve.

Implement SCADA and GIS mapping technology to reduce long-term costs.

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